The Ferme Saint-Martin Vineyard has been producing organic wines for several years.
But what is really behind the fashionable term of ‘organic' which has become a selling argument?

In the vines
Obviously, we plough the land and we do not use any chemical, neither fertilizers nor pesticides.
All our work is to produce healthy grapes whilst maintaining life in the soil and a balance in the nature surrounding us.

Wine making process
After a first sorting in the vines, grapes pass on a conveyer belt to check their quality.
The quality of the grapes will determine the quality of the wine.
The idea here is pay attention to what is coming into the cellar.
Grapes ferment with their natural yeasts, which are different from one“ terroir” to another.
No oenological product is added during the wine making.
We only add a slight amount of sulphur to some of our wines to facilitate the bottling and the transport.
The other wines are no added sulphur. So that the nature of each wine is netter revealed :
they have each their personality, and the notion of “terroir” is respected.

Tasting Cellar
is the place for everyone to meet and exchange, the place where we like sharing our passion and our convictions.
At request, we can organize cellar visits (in order to discover the place, the material used) special tastings or lunch
(food & wine matching…), as well as three artistic exhibitions a year, for both the eyes and palate.

Ferme Saint Martin
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